Erectile Dysfunction

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is one kind of problem in men. sometimes also known as impotence. If you are in any pressure or tension at that time, you are not getting an erection.

ED gives to disquieting impact on man’s health and its make impotent on male.so its make a many issue in relationship.

Main reason for causes erectile dysfunction

10% to 20% percent of men suffer ED problem for a mental problem. Remaining 80% have a physical problem. Sometimes they are think about low hormone levels but in fact it’s not a problem.

Some risk factor for cause ED problem are as follows:

  • Diabetes.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Hypertension.
  • Blocked blood vessels.
  • Heart problems.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Anxiety.
  • Smoking.
  • Obesity.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

First of all, you have to meet healthcare expert he will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms and your medical history. 

If there any test that helps detect ED? So Your respected doctor may ask you to do a few tests like blood tests, sonography or Nocturnal Penile Tumescence test.

Remedies for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may be caused due to a lot of reasons. When the cause of ED is defined, there is a mix of treatments and medication used to eliminate it.

How to avoid erectile dysfunction 

Stay healthy and live a healthy life! So you have to focus on below factor:

Take healthy diet food: If you are suffering from ED problem at that time you have to take a healthy food.so you can take full of essential micronutrients and powerful antioxidants.

No smoking: You cannot smoke if you have an erectile dysfunction problem. Smoking causes a big issue of erection.

Exercise: Exercise is physical activity. It boosts your immunity power and makes a heartbeat faster and makes you slightly out of breath, for example, fast walking.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • Difficulty in sexual activities.
  • Decreased interest in sex.
  • Delayed ejaculation.
  • The difficulty in getting an erection.
  • Possessing a postponed erection.
  • Inability to attain orgasm following a Fantastic period of stimulation.

When should i search in-person therapy?

You will find many frequent causes of ED, such as heart disease, blood vessel disease, diabetes, certain drugs, obesity, cigarette smoking, and depression, anxiety, Stress, and more. Occasionally ED is brought on by a combination of variables, and occasionally a particular cause is not determined.

What causes ED?

There are many frequent causes of ED, including heart problems, blood vessel disease, diabetes, certain drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, and depression, stress, and more. Occasionally ED is brought on by a combination of variables, and sometimes a specific cause is not determined.

Exercises for erectile dysfunction

1. Aerobic exercise :

Aerobic exercise is good for your health and ED problem.it increase blood flow of the penis. You can do exercise like swimming, running.

But before doing any exercise you should always discuss it with your doctor.

2. Kegel exercise :

Kegel is the simple body exercise with this you will get stronger pelvic floor muscles.

For doing this exercise identify your pelvic floor muscles. To do this, stop smoking.

3. Yoga :

Yoga is an exercise for relaxing your mind and body. So yoga is useful for ED (erectile dysfunction). It is also used to build strength both mind and your body, also increased flexibility.

Side effect of erectile dysfunction

  • High blood pressure(BP).
  • If your age above 60 so you suffer this problem.
  • Applying alcohol drug.
  • Smoking.
  • Hyperlipidemia.
  • Having an injury from the penis.

Food for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem related to blood flow. Maintaining your blood vessel health may help prevent and treating ED.so for solving this problem, you have to take a healthy diet food.

  • You can eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not take red meats, sugar, full-fat food etc.
  • Do not take more alcohol.

Can i prevent erectile dysfunction ?

It might not be possible, but you have to take care of it. But here some terms it can help for ED problem.

  • Do not take more stress.
  • Maintain your mental as well as physical health.
  • Doing exercise regularly.
  • Do not smoke and avoid drug and alcohol.
  • Checkup your health diseases like diabetes and sugar.

Can you please outline the main remedies for ED?

  • Stop smoking: Cigarette smoke damages the tissue lining of your penile blood vessels.
  • Proceed more: Exercise improves the tissues lining your penile arteries.
  • Weight reduction: 79 percent of men with ED are overweight.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes has complicated effects from ED, but improved diabetic management can cause marked progress in ED.
  • High blood pressure: The penile cells are small and particularly sensitive to vascular effects.
  • Speak with your spouse: Partners often suffer and do not understand where to turn. Talk to your spouse.
  • The relevance of mental wellness: ED and depression, by way of instance, frequently coexist.


1. What are the symptoms of ED?

  • You will not get an erection at any time.
  • Sometimes get an erection, but it does not long last enough for sexual intercourse.

2. Can i still have sex if i have ED problem?

Yes, Sexual intercourse is still possible with ED problem, especially with treatment.

3. Is erectile dysfunction common problem?

ED problem affects about 30 million men in the US.

4. Is erectile dysfunction permanent or temporary?

It should be a temporary problem for men.

5. Is erectile dysfunction common?

Yes, it is very common. It increases by age.

6. Does insurance Cover ED therapy?

Insurance coverage of ED depends upon the sort of treatment prescribed. When there is a documented medical condition that is proven to be causing ED, insurance policy will often pay at least some.

Sex therapy and medications that the FDA hasn't yet accepted, however, are usually not covered. Ask your insurance provider when the treatment you are thinking about will be insured.

7. Is erectile dysfunction a normal part of aging?

No. ED does not need to become part of getting old. Although it's a fact that elderly guys may require more stimulation (for example, touching and stroking) to attain an erection, then they ought to nonetheless have the ability to obtain an erection and revel in sexual intercourse.

8. How is erectile dysfunction treated?

There are several different ways ED may be treated, such as:

  • Oral drugs, sex treatment, penile injections, along with surgery.
  • Every kind of treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Talk with your physician to find out the best remedy for you.

9. I never heard of ED until only a couple of years ago. Is it new?

People didn't talk about ED, at least not publicly, until American politician Bob Dole appeared in an informative but somber 1999 advertisement for Viagra.

Nowadays, commercials for Viagra, and competitions Levitra and Cialis, deliver widespread awareness to the illness.

10. Is there a common age that ED happens?

The chance you will encounter ED grows as you age however, also the aging process itself doesn't cause erectile dysfunction. Approximately 12 percent of men under the age of 60 have ED, 22 percent of men age 60 to 69, roughly 30% of men 70 and older.

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