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What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a drug that has been designed to treat various erectile dysfunction and impotence problems in men, and to promote this in a short period of time. This type of drug, which can be purchased online and without a prescription, guarantees the man to maintain an erection for a very long period. Doctors generally prescribe it when the patient cannot achieve erections and this happens without any problems except for the presence of any regressed or still ongoing diseases. Having said that it must be said that today Generic Kamagra is without a doubt a very safe and reliable product, on a par with the original so much so that almost all the Ministries including the Italian one, allow it to be sold both in traditional pharmacies and in those that operate on the online market.

Where to buy Kamagra online

Buying Kamagra online today also means saving some money; in fact, in practice, it is the cheap drug offered for sale by the pharmaceutical company Lilly that has made it identical to the original one distributed by Bayer. In addition, you can also buy online in two types, namely Kamagra 50 mg and Kamagra 100 mg, and in both cases, the price is lower than the original product and the generic pharmacy. Even in Italy, the generic can be obtained without a prescription. Buying Kamagra online is undoubtedly very advantageous since the cost is much lower than the price offered by a traditional pharmacy, and buying it in one that operates online such as the Open Pharmacy, means placing a safe order both in terms of the quality of the product intended as well preserved and with long-term maturity, but above all with a cash transaction without surprises and with the most well-known effective and protected types of payment with debit or credit cards as well as with the various types of electronic currencies such as PayPal, as well to name one of the most famous.

The beneficial effects of Kamagra

For a man, consuming one of the Kamagra pills means getting a satisfying and above all long-lasting erection that gives color and passion to the couple's relationship. This excellent drug eliminates blockages present in the arteries and blood vessels of the body thus allowing for greater blood flow to the penis and thus promoting erections worthy of the name. Generic Kamagra tablets contain the active ingredient of Sildenafil or a substance of the phosphodiesterase 5 type whose function is to significantly improve the blood flow in the arteries of the male reproductive organ and therefore able to make the man enjoy successfully and with some satisfaction for his partner finally happy to have found the man she had always wanted to have by her side.

How does the drug work?

The PDE 5 enzyme is the number one responsible for the failure of the penis to erect, as it tends with its molecules to block the erection process due to the lack of blood flow to the male organ. Kamagra, therefore, acts as a catalyst and serves to improve blood circulation, thereby helping the muscles surrounding the genital area to relax. This condition allows for an increase in blood flow and consequently generates an appreciable erection. However, it is of fundamental importance to have a certain predisposition for sex and that is the right degree of stimulation, which in symbiosis with the drug makes everything work wonderfully. The psycho-physical aspect is therefore related to the positive effect of the drug itself. In this case, playing with the hands or with toys represent a good option to maximize the result in terms of arousal and consequent erection of the penis. The drug will then do the rest and allow you to maintain an erection for a long time and enjoy excellent sexual performance worthy of the name and above all without limits.

What is the regular dosage of Kamagra tablets?

The recommended dose of generic Kamagra is the minimum so for those who take it for the first time 100 mg Kamagra is available provided that there are optimal health conditions. If the result was satisfactory and there are no problems of any kind, you can then switch to the 100 mg range. In this case, it must be said that it is always advisable to keep the situation under control since the excessive dose could cause some contraindications perhaps informing the doctor to have the dosage changed or take other precautions. The drug should be taken only once within 24 hours, and swallowed with a glass of water or with fruit juice and in both cases 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. However, they are to be avoided both before, during, and after taking the drug, alcoholic beverages as they could interact negatively and thus negate the positive effect of generic Kamagra.

How to take the product?

The Kamagra pill should therefore in no way be taken with alcohol or even with smoking, as these can generate health complications and not achieve the desired results. The drug should preferably be ingested on a completely empty stomach or with rather light foods and without the slightest presence of fat. Men who are in the age group between 55 and 60, even if they are able to buy the product online and without a prescription, should not take advantage of this undoubted advantage and still consult a doctor before using generic Kamagra, in how much the dosage should be appropriate to the general state of health and evaluated in relation to the same age.

Product storage and side effects

Kamagra should be stored in a clean and dry environment in order to keep it intact and then ensure optimal effects; in fact, excessive heat and humidity tend to decrease the effectiveness of the drug. Men who suffer from chest pain or who have heart and kidney problems or complain of some pathologies affecting the liver should avoid taking the tablets directly, awaiting in these cases the approval of the doctor who could, in any case, prohibit their use. or indicate someone alternative, perhaps belonging to the same generic.

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