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  • Active Ingredient  : Sildenafil Citrate
  • Manufacturer : Uni-SulePvt. Ltd.
  • Strength : 100mg
  • Packaging : 10 Tablets in Strip
  • Delivery Time : 6 To 15 days

Categories: Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health

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Nizagara 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate)
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What is Nizagara 100mg tablet?

Nizagara 100mg Tablet is the tiny blue pill that is good buddies of a man.

Generic Nizagara 100mg works similarly to regular Nizagara tablets and is equally sufficient. 25-60 minutes after taking Nizagara tablets, the product's full effectiveness will emerge, which will give a significant boost. After sexual stimulation, a lasting erection can be achieved for 8-12 hours and several times. The sexual performance will significantly improve if your overall health is able to allow this activity.

The active ingredients of Nizagara 100mg are particularly compatible. According to studies, side effects may occur only rarely and are negligible to moderate in severity. However, take note of all the medical information.

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What occurred if overdose Nizagara 100mg tablet?

The drug has to be used within safe bounds. The medication needs to be used only following the recommendation of the doctor. 

Some of the indications of medication overdose are:

  • Vision problems
  • Reduction of coordination
  • Seizure
  • Confusion
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Hallucinations
  • Weak or shallow breathing
  • Fainting

Active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Dose: Generic Nizagara is available at the maximum dose of 100mg. This must not be overcome. If the less active ingredient is needed, the pill can be divided into halves or quarters.

Posology: Take the required dosage 25-60 minutes before the start of the activity. The medicine will be active for 8-12 hours active ingredient of the medicine is the same as the original product. Taking effectiveness into consideration, there is no difference between the two products. Sildenafil is an inhibitor that counteracts the degradation of the erection and therefore can lead to a vigorous and lasting erection.


Generic Nizagara 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate) should not be taken if:

Other similar products are being taken.

Contraindicated drugs are taken (see interactions).

Pre-existing cardiovascular problems.

Possibility of permanent erection.

You have not reached the age of majority.

Side Effects

Like the original Nizagara 100mg, generic is also very tolerable. However, in the case of hypersensitivity, there may be some undesirable effects. They usually disappear on their own quickly. See a doctor for severe or long-lasting side effects.

The side effects of Nizagara 100mg are:

  • Facial redness.
  • Headache.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Digestive difficulty.
  • Ears Ringing.
  • Vomiting problem.


Do not take Nizagara 100 (Sildenafil Citrate) if you are on medication containing nitrates or NO supplements. Certain enzymes or AIDS medications can lead to dangerous interactions.

Consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice can make side effects worse. For optimal effectiveness of Nizagara, a fat-free diet should be observed.

Additional Notes

Despite good compatibility, patients often report a slight headache as a side effect of generic Nizagara 100mg, but this is usually tolerated as these symptoms rarely last long.

The side effects of Nizagara 100 are similar to those of the original product. Here you will find general and important information regarding sexual enhancement medicines.

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How Does Nizagara work?

This drug is recommended to take once a day. It belongs to the class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. As it enters your body, it speeds up blood circulation and increases blood flow in the penis; as a result, you will feel a firm erection for a long time.

But you feel the erection only when you activate the sexual hormone or sexual pleasure. You don’t need to take this every time you jump for sexual activity in a day. Apart from that, don’t take this pill in huge amounts to experiment.

The drug belongs to the group of PDE5 Inhibitors. While using, it increases the blood flow in the male organ of reproduction. You get a result of firm erection for a significant amount of time. If you are in the sexual pleasure you can experience it.

What If You Miss a Dose?

Have you missed your last dose? You need to take care of the consumption of the dosage. But if you missed this, you need to take it as soon as possible. 

  • For Erectile Dysfunction: If you miss this dose, you can take this 30 minutes to 4 hours before the next sexual intercourse.

Nizagara as One of the Most Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Many men face sexual health problems at some stage of their lives. But they feel ashamed to talk about this publically. However, it is very important to consult a trained doctor before going for any medication.

Most men from 40 to 70 years of age have erectile dysfunction to some degree. To recover from this, you can take an ED drug. Nizagara is the revolution in the medical industry that helps to give an effective and safe solution for erectile dysfunction. This drug helps solve sexual disorders.

The active chemical of this drug is Sildenafil Citrate, which gives a kick boost to male sexual health problems. When this active ingredient enters your body, it improves blood circulation and contracts the blood vessel muscles.

Once you start taking the dosage, you feel significant improvement in your health. It minimizes the risk of damaging other body functions. Apart from the major ingredient, it also contains vitamins that promote the organism.

These vitamins improve numerous functions. L-arginine, Redberry, Adermin, folic acid, and vitamin B12 are other additions that promote mental and physical health.

In the life of men, the face majority of problem they face are related to the male health. To get rid of this they need to take safe and effective treatment. To combat with sexual disorders nizagara is the best medicine that one can have. It is effective in erectile dysfunction.

In this drug sildenafil citrate is active ingredient. It interferes with blood circulation and contraction of blood vessel muscle. It can speed up the blood circulation in the whole body. If patient use it they can experience massive improvement with minimal risk and without any other bad effect on the body function.

Nizagara has also many vitamins. It can influence the overall organism. It speed up certain process and improve certain function in the body. Vitamin B12, folic acid, adermin are some of the components of the medicine which can have influence in the total process.

Recommendations for Safe and Effective Use of the Drug

Nizagara is similar to another erectile dysfunction drug that improves your condition. There are certain restrictions and regulations that you should follow while taking this medication.

You should follow the recommendation given by the doctor to make the consumption of drugs safe and effective. The average quantity you should take is25 mg, and it is not administrated more than 24 hours.

The dosage can be changed as per the condition of a patient. It starts working in your body within 30-45 minutes after intake and is active in your body over 4-5 hours.

For safe consumption, don’t take this with the combination of alcohol as it prevents these medicines from working and may trigger serious health issues like flushing and severe headaches. 


1. Nizagara 100 is Right for ED?

Nizagara 100 is a ground-breaking drug for treating significant sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction(ED) itself. The primary element in medicine, sildenafil citrate, interferes with blood circulation and blood vessel muscle contraction, speeding up blood circulation throughout the body. 

As a result, a patient's bothersome problem can be significantly improved while other body processes are not jeopardized. Aside from the active ingredient, Nizagara 100 also contains a variety of vitamins that positively impact the body, accelerating specific processes and boosting a variety of functions. Supplementary components that have a significant impact include redberry, L-arginine, Adermin, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

2. May Nizagara Work for Women?

Yes, as such, women's sexual dysfunction has also been treated with various products, which contain the same active ingredient, sildenafil, like Nizagara. But studies have shown varied outcomes, with some claiming that they ordered Nizagara online and it worked for women and others claiming that there are no meaningful results. 

In any case, these studies revealed that women could have the same adverse effects as males when using Nizagara online, regardless of whether it works or not.

Other women's health issues, such as menstruation cramps, have been treated with sildenafil-based drugs like Nizagara. You could experience potentially harmful side effects, and you'd be putting your health in danger for no reason. We do not recommend that ladies take Nizagara for these reasons. But for best of all, it's advisable to take a medical prescription before consuming any of such sort.

3. Is Nizagara Helping Last Longer?

If you're losing your erection during sex, Nizagara tablets will only help you last longer surely. If you have trouble getting or keeping erections that are strong enough for sex, Nizagara tablets medication may be suitable for you. It is effective for roughly 74% of men who try it, but if it doesn't work for you, you could try one of the Nizagara tablets alternatives.

However, Nizagara tablets aren't for everyone. It may not be safe to take if you have other health problems or are taking other medications. But yes, Nizagara tablets usually last a few hours. It is simply used to help enhance blood flow so that you won't have an erection the entire time.

4. Major Side Effect Of Nizagara?

Note that Nizagara 100mg, the erection-inducing medicine, might induce flushing (for example, due to a clogged nose), as well as nosebleeds, redness of the ears, and a variety of other side effects that tend to get milder and disappear as sildenafil therapy continues. Nizagara 100 is not always healthy because it increases the risk of prescription overuse and the likelihood of adverse effects, particularly:

  • ‌Nausea, dizziness, sleepiness; 
  • ‌Chest discomfort;
  • ‌Weakness, bradycardia, tachycardia; 
  • ‌Allergic reactions
  • ‌Flashes (heat, redness, and tingling); 
  • ‌Headache, choked noise, muscle soreness, back pain, or stomach trouble are all possible symptoms you may have.

5. Can You Lose an Erection on Nizagara?

If you have trouble getting an erection or are losing your erection too rapidly, Nizagara 100 Mg can only help you stay in bed longer. It is referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED). After orgasming, you may lose your erection and find it challenging to get another one for a while. It is known as the refractory phase, and it is perfectly natural.

However, you may get more than one erection when taking Nizagara 100 Mg. If you ejaculate while your Nizagara 100 Mg is still working, you might be able to get another erection. You may need to wait a brief period between erections, as you would usually after ejaculating. You'll need to be sexually aroused as well. So, not being aroused won't let it work anyways.

6. Can I Drink Water with Nizagara?

Nizagara 100 can be taken with or without meals, although it works better if you take it first thing in the morning. If you take this sildenafil drug with or after a meal, it takes longer to start working. But discussion on whether to have it with a glass of water or not, swallow your sildenafil tablet. 

But if you take Nizagara 100 with a full glass of water, the medication will start the mechanism of action in your stomach more quickly. Water can also help prevent the tablet from becoming blocked in your throat or esophagus, resulting in pain, coughing, choking, or burning. 

So, it is likely safe to take Nizagara 100 with water if you drink in moderation without hampering hydration levels and have consulted with your healthcare provider. 


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  • Active Ingredient  : Sildenafil Citrate
  • Manufacturer : Uni-SulePvt. Ltd.
  • Strength : 100mg
  • Packaging : 10 Tablets in Strip
  • Delivery Time : 6 To 15 days

Categories: Erectile Dysfunction, Men's Health

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